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Fishing Report - Spring 2017


The fish and fishermen have been confused to say the least this winter. The water temperature has been like

a yo-yo.  But April should be leveling off.  The trout are getting ready for an early run.  Spot tails are starting to school up

in their age groups​.  I'm looking for this to be one of the best Fishing seasons we've had in a long time.



Keep Your Rod Tip Up


Cap'n Mike


November Report:


November is here and the channel bass are still going strong. Most of the anglers are using cut mullet.


We're having a great run of big whiting. (1 1/2 to 2 lbs) Trout are starting to show up good. I've been catching them on jerk baits and soft plastics.


The spot tails are showing up in the grass. The bait is coming back in as the water salts up. It's looking like we're going to have a great winter fishing.


The water is still black in Winyah Bay but the saltwater is mixing with it more every day.


The fishing is great. Give me a call and let's go fishing in my Bulls Bay 2200.



Cap'n Mike


October 16, 2015


This month (Oct. 2015) has proved to be one of the worst floods that South Carolina has experienced ( at least in my life time). So many people have lost their homes along the Black River in Williamsburg and Georgetown Counties. There are so many other areas through out South Carolina that has been devastated I couldn't try to name them all. We've been knocked down, but we're not out. We're pushing forward. The water on the Winyah Bay and Santee Delta looks reel nasty. The current runs in one direction all the time. It's making a tide every 6 hours. The water temp is running 67 to 70 degree.


The fishing is awesome. With all the flooding we're experiencing I believe we're going to have some of the best fishing we've had in years. Remember just because there is a high creel limit on some fish that doesn't mean you have to keep that many. Please keep what you can eat and release the rest. Take your pictures quick and return the fish back to the water promptly. DON'T THROW THEM BACK IN.


The Channel Bass are turned on big time. Most folks are catching all they can handle. There are a lot of slot Spot Tails being caught. They're hitting about anything you want to throw at them.


Speckle Trout are showing up in good numbers. They are hitting any kind of live bait and artificial.


The menhaden and mullet are along the beach and in North Inlet and Cape Romain.


I've seen some in the ICW around the South Island Ferry on low tide( mullet only). I haven't seen any in the Bay.




Cap'n Mike


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